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At the U8 and U9 age groups, we have a couple guiding principles for our Jr. Academy.  

1.  We want every player in these age groups to be able to play with his/her friends. At these age groups, we believe that playing with your friends is important to creating a strong soccer community and a life-long love of soccer

2.  We want to make sure each of our players is in the appropriate environment for them to grow and to succeed.

3.  For those of our players that are ready for an extra challenge, we want to provide the opportunity for them to grow at a pace that matches their current skills/enthusiasm.


How our Jr. Academy comes to life in the Fall is that we have all our U8 and U9 players sign up and play recreational soccer.  That way they can practice and play with their friends on a consistent basis.

Each week our Jr. Academy coaches will assist with and watch as many practices as possible (during the entire Fall season, they should get around to every U8 and U9 recreational team at least once).  Based on the Jr. Academy coach’s experience at practice and with feedback from the Recreational coaches, the Jr. Academy coach will select players to also play in the Jr. Academy games each weekend.

Each week, we’ll select the following # of players to participate in the Jr. Academy programming for that week.  

U8 Boys = 7 players

U8 Girls = 7 players

U9 Boys = 10-12 players

U9 Girls = 10-12 players

If your son or daughter gets selected to play in a Jr. Academy game, his/her week would look like this.

2 – Practices with his/her Recreational team during the week.

1 – Practice with the Jr. Academy team for that week (usually on Friday).

1 – Game on Saturday with his/her Recreational team.

1 – Game on Sunday with the Jr. Academy team.

By identifying and selecting those players that are farther along on their soccer developmental curve to participate in the Jr Academy activities on a given week, it helps us stay true to our guiding principles #2 and #3.  It puts players that are farther along on their soccer developmental journey in the proper environment to develop and grow.  

There is an extra cost to playing in the Jr. Academy game.  This cost will be added to a players account at the end of the Fall Season and needs to be paid before the Spring season begins. 



In the Spring, we will form U8 and U9 Jr Academy teams for both boys and girls.  Teams will be formed by invitation based on those players that were asked to play on the Jr. Academy teams in the Fall.  The goal is to make sure we place those players that are farther along on their soccer developmental journey in the proper environment to progress and grow as a soccer player.

A typical week for the U9 Jr. Academy in the spring looks like.

2 – Practices per week.

1 – Game on the weekend.

Jr Academy runs from Late February through April in the Spring. 




A.  All the same players will be selected each week.

Not if we do our job right.  Our goal is not to win the Jr. Academy league (although we'll be happy if we do).  For FSC, it's about player development.  We want to grow the skills of our soccer players and create a life-long love of soccer.  Each player will grow at their own pace.  Our hope is that throughout the Fall season, as players skills and confidence grow, we give many players the opportunity to play in a Jr. Academy game.  


B.  It may be too much soccer for my child if he/she is selected for the Jr. Academy each week. 

We hear you.  If at any time you feel your child is getting burned out on soccer, you can always say "no thank you" to a selection to the Jr. Academy team.  The Jr. Academy coaches will not hold this against your child.  If you find your child in this situation, feel free to communicate with the Jr. Academy coach so they can give your child a week or two off from the Jr. Academy.  


C.  It's like trying out each week?  

We hope this is not the case.  We want our players to go to practice each week, do their best, and have fun.  As a club, we will put an emphasis on NOT creating an atmosphere of tryouts at each session as that is not our intent.  We ask you, as parents, do the same.  Together, let's not put that pressure on our players.  Let's allow them to play joyful soccer for the love of the game.  


D.  If my child never gets selected for Jr. Academy, they'll never get selected for the Academy team when they get to U11.

Not true.  Many an FSC Academy player has come from our Recreational side.  It happens multiple times, every year.  As noted above, each player will progress and grow at their own pace.  They may not be ready for Jr. Academy now, but by the time the Academy tryouts roll around, they are ready to make that leap, they make the team, and they continue to progress.  That's a scenario we love to see and know happens often.  So don't be worried if your child does not get selected for Jr. Academy this year.

E.  Does participating in the Jr. Academy cost us any additional money?

Yes.  Each week your child is selected into the Jr. Academy, there will be a nominal charge to cover the costs of playing in the developmental league, fields, and coaches.  We will keep track of how many weeks your child plays in the Jr. Academy and add that cost to your account with FSC at the end of the Fall season. In order to play with FSC the next season, you must have a zero balance so please pay these fees off as soon as you are made aware of them.  

F.  What if my child plays U9 Recreational Soccer, but would be classified as a U10 by birth year?

Unfortunately, your child would NOT be eligible to play in the U9 Jr. Academy for that season.  However, if our Jr. Academy coaches identify your child as a player that is ready for a higher level of competition, we’ll connect you with our U10 Jr. Academy coach to work out a time to have your son/daughter practice with that team.  That will give your player a chance to experience the Jr. Academy program and to decide if he/she wants to try out for that team in the Fall.


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