2018-19 Academy Tryouts are CLOSED

Try out information
Existing and new players will try out with their relative age group. The coaching staff will determine whether a player has the skills to play up an age group. At FSC we position players in situations where they can thrive. We focus on a development plan for player and coach and our goal is to make sure that our players love playing soccer.

Tryout Fee = $10
Academy Fees:
U11 (2008) and above = $1,225/player
U10 (2009) = $800/player

This includes both the Fall and the Spring leagues &
-Winter Futsal (1 session)
-2 Tournaments U11 and above
-1 Tournament U10
-Field Fees
-Coaching Costs
-Administrative fees

FSC Academy Program Benefits

  • Quality coaches / individuals focused on teaching your child not just how to play, but how to enjoy soccer
  • Year-round training 2 days per week (breaks built in throughout the year)
  • A structured learning system to allow players to thrive
  • Balance to allow players to participate in other sports without pressure
  • Summer practice and tournament play (but family comes first)
  • Fall practice and competitive league
  • Winter indoor futsol league or small sided games
  • Spring practices and competitive league
  • Soccer games played in the OYSA Timbers / Thorns League
  • Goalkeeper clinics with our GK coach

Please contact our director of coaching for more information.

Expectations for the 2018/19 season

I want to explain what Foothills Soccer club is all about. Our work, from President to board members to coaching staff is based solely around the player. I want to outline the expectations for the coming season. This will give you a clear picture of the year ahead and whether or not you think Foothills soccer club is a good fit for your family.

To get to any destination worth reaching, you better have a road map. You need to know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Below is the coaching staff's map to soccer development. We hope that it can take both coach and player on a route from potential to performance.

Inside this 30 page document is a strategic plan for developing your child at soccer and also preparing them for future life lessons. With this document we aim to give the coaching staff a culture of teaching, developing, maintaining standards and managing discipline - all with care and concern. This will lead to inspiration and commitment to the pursuit of a stable soccer program. Our coaching staff will create the conditions where their players will commit to the team's unifying purpose. This is not a short term plan. This plan will only work long term. And for the plan to work, FSC must have a commitment from its

The type of commitment FSC is looking for:
  • Coaching staff that follow the FSC development plan.
  • Great communication from the club, coaching staff, team managers and families.
  • Players that are willing to give it their best efforts at games and practices.
  • Players and parents understand this is a year round program. If other sports are played, FSC still expects the player to show to practice when possible and all games.
  • Players wear the appropriate club kit for practices and games.
  • Disrespectful behavior or lack of effort from players will not be tolerated.
  • Parents should learn to understand 'The Foothills Way'. Any parent that has any concerns should talk to FSC Technical Director by phone or in person. We do not recommend sending emails.
Do you have the vision for a long term plan? Developing your child will take a long time. For the plan to
work we need a togetherness from coach, player and parent.

Mission statement

Our goal is to develop well rounded children who will understand:
  • The Game of soccer - All aspects of the game
  • Fair play - Character
  • Work ethic - Speed and mobility
  • Discipline - Courage and bravery
  • Teamwork - Knowledge and awareness
  • How to win - Technical and tactical awareness
  • How to lose - Mental toughness
  • Enjoyment - It's proven, kids who have fun in soccer, try harder, perform better and stay involved longer

At Foothills Soccer Club we know that performance follows attitude. With the right attitude, coaches, boys and girls will commit to the hard work, preparation and to the challenge of doing their team job well. They will be encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and understand that soccer is about decision making and working together as a team. Players with the right attitude thrive in our soccer environment. They learn faster which helps them love the game even more. We teach them soccer intelligence. They understand that soccer is a team sport and at FSC the team is the most important thing.

Attitude is shaped largely by:

  • The personality of the player
  • The influence of parents, role models, friends
  • The practice and coaching situation
Add these three together and you get our coaching environment. We let our players know that making mistakes is a huge part of learning. We expect the players to work off trial and error because our practice sessions are challenging (as they should be).

Building a successful soccer program takes time and must always be viewed as an ongoing process constantly threatened by change and by setbacks. We have to be clear in the delivery of our development plan so that players understand their roles. As coaches, we want to win, but we cannot become fixated with the results. An essential part of my job is to help our coaches understand that by having their team focus on the process (making smart decisions on offense and defense) that they will increase the chances of a successful outcome. Our coaching staff understands that game-day glory is the direct result of the effort and quality produced at practice sessions and that game-day disappointments point to failings at practice.

We hope that the values at FSC fit in well with what your family is trying to attain. This is a huge team effort from everyone involved in the club and for age groups that have been in the system the last two years, we hope to see the fruits of our labor in the upcoming season.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.