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Academy Teams

Director of coaching (Boys & Girls) - Byron Alvarez

Phase I development - U8, U9 & U10.

  • Fanatics U8 & U9 Director: Luis Echeverria
  • U8 Boys: FSC Celtic 10 AC William Watson
  • U9 Boys: FSC Celtic 09 AC Jack Watson
  • U9 Girls: FSC Roses 09 AC Lynn Laroche
  • U10 Boys: FSC Celtic 08 HC Oliver Maroney
  • U10 Girls: FSC Roses 08 HC Seth Henderson

Phase II development - U11, U12, U13 & U14.

  • U11 Boys: FSC Celtic 07 HC Joe Shah AC Mac Woods
  • U11 Girls: FSC Roses 07 HC Ted Savage
  • U12 Boys: FSC Celtic 06 HC Dave Brown AC Garrett Dennett
  • U12 Girls: FSC Roses 06 HC Matt Kelly
  • U13 Boys: FSC Celtic 05 HC Dave Murphy
  • U13 Girls: FSC Roses 05 HC Dustin Wheldon
  • U14 Boys: FSC Celtic 04 HC Sam Zachiem AC Simon Watson
  • U14 Girls: FSC Roses 04 HC Dustin Wheldon

Phase III development - U15, U16, U17 & U18.

  • U15 Boys: FSC Celtic 03 HC Jeff Martini
  • U15 Girls: FSC Roses 03 HC Dustin Wheldon

GK Coach - Jimmie

Balls, nets and other gear will be issued at the Coaches Meeting in August. If you can't make the meeting, contact Equipment Managers, Jill Martini.


  • Team Pictures: Based on coaches and parent input, we have changed our approach to team photos. We will not coordinate a Foothills Picture Day as we have in previous years. This year, teams have two options:
    • Handle team pictures on your own, by having a parent volunteer take shots and handle distribution.
    • Schedule a photo shoot with Sports Photographer Ken Rumbaugh. Team parent/coach can call Ken directly to set up a 20 min. photography session to take place during a scheduled practice. Click here for more info and pricing.
  • Awards will be delivered to coaches by the end of the season. Foothills no longer provides Trophies as the award..

Scholarship Awareness
Foothills makes scholarships available to families in need. If you have players who you think might need assistance with registration or uniform fees, please contact the registrar. More information can also be found on our Scholarship page.

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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.