Rules and Regulations
Our club plays according to the rules and regulations of the Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA); you can review this information at the PYSA website.

Playing Time
Foothills Soccer Club policy requires that all players are allowed to play to their potential. Playing time should be allocated evenly unless extenuating circumstances require otherwise. Coaches are instructed to be fair and to balance playing time with the ability of each player.

Player and Parent Conduct
Players are expected to honor their commitment to their team by attending practices and games. The coach must be informed of any practices and games that will be missed.

Players, parents, coaches and referees are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for others. Most referees for lower age groups are teenagers; some are parent volunteers. While the nature of the game is physical, dangerous play is prohibited. Parents are asked to allow the children to enjoy the game.

Parents and players who do not obey guidelines will be prohibited from participating by the referee or coach. Disciplinary action can take the form of a temporary suspension or (if necessary) expulsion from the program.

Team Formation
Teams will be formed starting July 1st. The team requests of players who register prior to July 1st will be given priority over those registering later. Players who register after July 1st will still be placed on teams they request, unless that team is full and there are other teams that need players. In this case, players will be placed on these teams until they reach the minimum team size for their age group. Our complete team formation policy can be found here.