Club Programs

Foothills offers several programs depending on a child's age and ability:

  • Kindergarten (U6)
  • Recreation U7-U14
  • FSC Fanatics (U7, U8 and U9)
  • FSC Acadamy (U10 and up)

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The table below shows which grades play in which divisions at the recreational level:

Kindergarten (U6)

Foothills' kindergarten program is a great way to get younger children interested in soccer. The focus is on fun and learning.

The Fall program includes one practice a week, on Wednesday, with games for all teams scheduled on Friday. The kindergarten program begins shortly after the school year begins. The program runs shorter than the other levels; generally 8 weeks long.

The Spring season involves just games and runs in March and April, currently Sunday mornings at 8am.

Recreation U7-U14

Foothills Recreation league continues to teach a love for the game while building on players' skills learned year to year. Practices for fall league tend to begin in late August. (Please note that this varies for every team due to coach availability, summer vacations, etc.) Practices are generally held twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the age of the team. Your coach will call or email you to let you know when your team practices will start, and when and where they will be held.

Games typically start in September on the first Saturday after school begins. All games are on Saturdays (with the possibility of a few Sundays). All games will be played on Portland fields. Games end in late October or mid-November, depending on the age of the team.

Spring season involves games only, on Saturdays and runs from April to May.

FSC Fanatics U7, U8 & U9

Two practices a week plus a game at the weekend (Sunday).

The Fanatics plays in teams divided by year of birth, as required by US Soccer.

Foothills offers a development soccer program alongside our traditional recreational soccer program. This program is open to all Foothills players with no "tryouts" involved. Places may however be limited based on the numbers of teams formed and available coaching staff.

FSC Fanatics soccer is a program aimed at providing additional soccer training and playing time for younger players. It is aimed at building upon the soccer skills gained in recreational soccer. Development soccer is often used as a bridge for players who go on to play competitive soccer at the U-10 age level as it prepares them for the higher skill and commitment that competitive soccer requires.

Development soccer is not meant to be a replacement for players who are playing recreational soccer, but a supplement to their recreational soccer. Thus, they may still be playing with their friends and classmates who choose to just play recreational soccer.

The FSC development program offers the opportunity for those players and families that want a greater soccer experience, but do not want to leave our community to find it nor pay the fees often associated with competitive club soccer. We recognize that this option may not be for everyone but want to offer a growth opportunity at an affordable price within the club.

The main characteristics of development soccer are:

  • All U7, U8 & U9 Foothills players are welcome (younger players may also be considered on a case by case basis)
  • No tryouts necessary for the Summer but teams formed based on numbers prior to the season
  • Team formation in August, some players may not make a developmental team (again, this is based on numbers and ability to play at this level)
  • Players selected play in the developmental league will continue, other players will play the recreational season.

FSC Academy U10-U15

The Academy will play in teams divided by year of birth, as required by US Soccer.

Foothills now offers a year round competitive program to players that want to play at a more competitive level. Building upon the development program the older children are able to compete against higher quality teams from around the region.

Many children entering this program have played together for several years and may well play with one another right through high school. Our goal is to provide well developed competitive players who can enjoy soccer for life.

We recognize that this option may not be for everyone but want to offer a growth opportunity at an affordable price within the club. If the player plays other sports, we do ask that the player makes at least one practice per week and all the games until the soccer season has ended.

The main characteristics of the competitive season are:

  • Forward thinking Coaches
  • A year round committment from the family
  • Enjoyable learning atmosphere
  • Tournament Opportunities
  • Structured Training
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.