Club philosophy

The way we do things at FSC

You see club philosophies on websites all the time, but what really matters is whether a club believes in it and works hard to execute it. At Foothills Soccer Club we plan for the future and we know that performance follows attitude. The right attitude varies with age, but with the right attitude, boys and girls will commit to the hard work, preparation and the challenge of contributing positively to their team. They'll be encouraged to participate, come out of their comfort zone, and understand that soccer is about decision making. Attitude is shaped largely by:

  • The personality of the player
  • The influence of parents, role models, friends
  • The practice and coaching situation

The above three come hand in hand with having an amazing community to work with. Our members understand that it takes team work and a lot of effort to form a strong club. We are lucky to have that support.

We aim to give our coaching staff a culture of teaching, developing, standards, discipline, care and concern. This will lead to inspiration and commitment in the pursuit of a stable soccer program. Our coaching staff understand they are part of a team. They understand what the word 'Development' means. They are all working together to teach the same values and to stay on course with the curriculum that has been set.

Our goal is to develop well rounded children who will understand:

  • Fair play - Character
  • Work ethic - Speed and mobility
  • Discipline - Courage and bravery
  • Teamwork - Knowledge and awareness
  • How to win - Technical and tactical awareness
  • How to lose - Mental toughness
  • Enjoyment - It's proven, kids who have fun in soccer, try harder, perform better and stay involved longer

A parent's job is to bring themselves and their child to club events with the right attitude for development. Our coaches can then help the kids develop into great individuals and soccer players.